This information should be useful when developing with the shop module.


{#mission} What the module authors hope to accomplish for users, store admins, and fellow developers.

For the developer


A well thought, clearly defined and documented API that can be used to easily extend the module.

For the store admin


Ability to easily manage the shop's products and orders. Useful reporting to understand and improve sales.

For the user


A fast, secure, easy to use interface. Provided options and flexability with the browsing and ordering process.

Release Process


See release checklist



You can find some useful development tools at yoursite/dev/shop

Batch Tasks


There are a number of manual and automated tasks that can be set up and run. The manual tasks can be accessed from yoursite/dev/shop.

If you have a large number of dataobjects, it may pay to run these tasks from the command line, for example:

[rootdir]: sapphire/sake dev/tasks/CartCleanupTask



This will remove old carts from the database to help keep the number of carts down. You can specify the age of carts in days to clear from (default is 90 days old).


Deletes all orders, order items, and payments from the system.



Deletes all of the products



Adds members who have placed orders to the "Shop Customers" group every hour. Useful for maintaining a distinction between shop customers and other members.

Decorator Hooks


Doing a search within the shop module code for "->extend(" will reveal the various points where you can call extensions via decorators/extension classes.

Here is a (possibly incomplete) list of hooks you can use by extending various classes:

TODO: provide context/use information for each hook


  • updateImport - called from ProductBulkLoader


  • updateUnitPrice
  • updateTableTitle
  • updateTableSubTitle
  • updateDebug


  • updateColumnMap - for defining additional fields/functions that will process the specific CSV file values


  • updateItemFilter
  • updateDummyItem
  • updateLinkParameters


  • augmentEcommerceFields
  • augmentEcommerceRequiredFields


  • updateValidator - mainly used to update required fields
  • updateFields - update the form fields
  • updateForm - other form changes


  • updateShopAccountForm


  • onInit
  • onCalculate


  • updateTotal
  • updateLinkParameters
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