Setting up Shop

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This tutorial explains start-to-finish how to set up an online shop with the SilverStripe shop module. If you are upgrading your shop, see Upgrading.

Web server and SilverStripe installation

Follow the standard SilverStripe installation guide

Install Shop & Payment modules

Download the shop module, and payment module.

Extract the folders into your SilverStripe root directory. Your directory structure should look something like this:


Shipping and Tax setup

Choose payment types

Set up automated tasks


Delete old carts

Because carts are stored in the database, you will probably want to automatically or manually clear out old ones. The best way to do this is via the provided 'Delete Old Carts' / CartCleanup Task.

To run manually, in your browser visit:


To run automatically, trigger the following sake script to run periodically on your sever:

[yoursitepath]/sapphire/sake dev/tasks/CartCleanupTask

If you add '?type=sql' to the end of the url, the deletion will use direct SQL satements, which is faster, but less secure.

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